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Financial aid is offered to advanced students for each term, with RMB 5,000 yuan per term per student. Article 4 Funding period: no more than 3 academic years for postgraduates, no more than 4 academic years for undergraduates, and no more than 1 academic year for advanced and preparatory students.Chapter Three Application for the ScholarshipArticle 5 Basic conditions to apply for the scholarship:I. The applicant shall be a foreign citizen who meets the admission requirements for international students of HIST and shall be friendly to China;II. The applicant shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations and administrative regulations of HIST;III. The applicant shall have good learning attitude, physical and mental health, good moral character, diligence and assiduousness, and excellent academic performance;IV. The applicant with special outstanding achievements in scientific research, scientific and technological innovation, culture, arts and sports, social practice and social services, etc., and special contributions to society and HIST shall be prioritized;V. The requirements of language proficiency for the applicant shall be subject to the requirements of each enrollment major and the teaching language;VI. If the applicant has been awarded or funded by the Chinese government, Henan provincial government or other organizations, he/she will no longer receive the presidential scholarship for international students from HIST;VII. The student shall apply for the scholarship before admission;VIII. The conditions for international exchange students shall be determined according to the specific project agreement. Article 6 In case of any of the following circumstances, the award of subsequent scholarships shall be terminated:I. Violate Chinese laws and regulations; II. Spread unfriendly words and conduct unfriendly behavior towards China; III. Participate in the activities organized by illegal societies, unlawful assembly, association, missionary work, etc.;IV. Be late, leave early or be absent from class without reason or seriously violate the rules and disciplines of HIST;V. Fail to meet the standards in course assessments required by the teaching plan; VI. Falsify the application materials. Article 7 The application time for scholarship is from March 15 to May 15 each year.Article 8 The applicant shall provide the following materials: I. Application Form of Scholarships for International Students of HIST.II. Copy of Personal Passport.III. Copy of certificate of highest degree/education being notarized. If the applicant is a student at school, he/she shall submit the Certificate of Schooling issued by the school. Chinese or English translation shall be notarized if the certificate is issued in other languages. All scanned copies shall also be sent to the email box (guoji@hist.edu.cn).IV. The applicant for bachelor抯 degree shall provide academic transcript of senior high school, and the applicant for master抯 degree shall provide academic transcript of bachelor抯 degree. If the applicant抯 highest education is junior college, he/she shall provide academic transcript of junior college and employment certificate for more than 2 years. The above-mentioned academic transcripts shall be notarized copies, accompanied by the notarized Chinese or English translation for documents of other languages.V. The applicant for bachelor抯 degree shall provide a study plan of no less than 400 words. The applicant for master抯 degree shall provide a study plan of more than 600 words and two Letters of Recommendation from associate professors or above. The applicant for advanced students shall provide a study plan or Letter of Recommendation as required by the university. VI. The applicant for the music, fine arts and other arts shall submit relevant works created by himself/herself as required. VII. Certificate of Chinese or English or equivalent language ability. VIII. The notarized copy of Foreigners Medical Examination Record and Blood Examination Report. IX. The notarized copy of No Criminal Record, accompanied by the notarized Chinese or English translation for documents of other languages;V. Other materials required by the university. The above application materials, whether successful or not, will not be returned.Chapter Four Principles and Methods of Scholarship EvaluationArticle 9 The university has established the 揝cholarship Evaluation Committee for International Students of HIST? and the members are composed of the vice-president in charge of foreign affairs, directors of Teaching Affairs Department, Student Affairs Department, Graduate Students Department, International Education School and Finance Office, as well as the experts and professors of relevant majors. The vice-president of HIST in charge of foreign affairs is the director of the Committee, and the dean of International Education School is the deputy director of the committee. The Office of Scholarship Evaluation Committee is located in International Education School, which is responsible for daily affairs of the scholarship evaluation and management.Article 10 揝cholarship Evaluation Committee for International Students of HIST is responsible for the scholarship evaluation. The scholarship evaluation is conducted by the principle of 搊penness, fairness and justice? and students complaints are accepted.Article 11 The Office of Scholarship Evaluation Committee shall, after confirming the applicant抯 qualification and application conditions, submit the list of qualified applicants and materials to Scholarship Evaluation Committee for International Students for consideration. Article 12 Scholarship Evaluation Committee shall review the application materials provided by Committee Office, and determine the list of students who have won the scholarship, and publish the list in an appropriate manner and within an appropriate scope for 5 working days. The evaluation result shall be signed by the director of Evaluation Committee after being made public without objection.Article 13 The successful students who fail to register and check in according to the time stipulated by HIST shall be deemed to have waived their scholarship status automatically.Chapter Five Supplementary ProvisionArticle 14 The measures for the administration of the scholarship for students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who come to study in HIST shall be implemented with reference to these measures. Article 15 These measures shall come into force as of the date of promulgation and shall be interpreted by International Education School of HIST. 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